Since value-added product or value-added service is the only reason both parties have entered into this agreement. Therefore, a brief summary of the specific product or service that the VAR wishes to develop or a detailed description of the product as an annex to the agreement. The value-added product is the subject of the VAR agreement, as it deals with several elements related to its copyrights and licenses. Since there may be conflicts between the parties over the VAR agreement, a clause containing the law applicable to litigation can help inform the parties of their rights and possible legal actions that may be taken to resolve any disputes between them. 3. Print at least two copies so that both parts keep an original. Create an additional copy for the sales file and keep a master file of these sales agreements. Var intends to accept a license for certain developer products, as stated on Schedule A (“products”), and to enhance and market value-added products in accordance with this agreement. 1. The added value provider agreement provides that a software developer sells its programs to a reseller who can then combine the programs with other software or hardware. The combinations are then marketed as “value-added products.” Many VARs are called by this name, but are really just resellers.

The agreement therefore provides for this option. Make sure these conditions are right for you. Any guarantee or guarantee that the parties may offer may be included in a clause in the agreement or in various clauses, such as the marketing clauses of the product.B. A value-added product is a product or service originally acquired by a manufacturer or developer, and then developed by adding features or services that allow the VAR to increase the product`s profit margin. The waiving or non-exercise by either party of a right under this agreement is not considered to be a waiver of another right or remedy to which the party may be entitled. Var is designated, in accordance with this agreement, as a non-exclusive reseller of the products for sale in the territory, as it appears in Appendix B (“territory”).